Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thursday, March 5, 1992

My day off arrives a day early.  Eddie's had a rough night and with all his various health problems over the past week -- diarrhea, coughing, congestion, runny nose -- JoAnna and I decide that the guy needs a check-up.  Turns out that I'm the one with the flexible schedule (and loving it!).  I'm able to schedule a 9:30 appointment with Dr. Ellis.  It's ear infection time again.  After this visit, Eddie and I go food shopping -- at Woodman's for a change of pace.  The mammoth size and extensive inventory never cease to amaze me.  Too many choices.  Way too many choices.  And what happens when I'm ready to move to the checkout line?  I have to wait about 5 minutes to snail my cart to the cash register.  At Woodman's, it doesn't matter what time of day it is.  There is always a wait.

While Eddie sleeps, I type up more calendar squares.  I have an over-and-out argument with the demon. There will be no indulgence today, not when I have to be presentable for a 5-9 shift at the reference desk.  Even after work, I turn down a chance to go berserk.  Everyone's in bed when I get home, but I settle for an alcohol-free viewing of House Party.  Only milk and graham crackers are served.

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