Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 1992

#8 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week

After my chat with Jane Robbins, I'm all fired up about the Education Section's Friday program at the WLA fall conference.  Unfortunately, Margaret Myers, ALA Whatever, is not in her office, but I do leave an extended message, hoping that she won't be offended now that I've decided the program should be a panel discussion.  But what can I do.  The reports I hear is that Margaret is not a very dynamic speaker.  So how did I get myself into this shit in the first place?  Just say "yes" to whatever I'm asked to do.

I spend most of the afternoon on the road.  A simple washing machine repair turns out to be an extended exercise in frustration all because I don't bother to read the instructions carefully.  I make two trips to Madison Appliance on Williamson Street.  Myopia is my middle name.

The report on Andy is good.  Yesterday he was into choking his playmates.  Five times.  I'm thinking what kind of monster do I have on my hands here.  JoAnna and I both make an effort to speak with Andy directly about his inappropriate behavior.  I guess we make an impression.

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and all I've done so far is buy two cards.  At least Grandma Nelson has her flowers to look at.

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