Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 8, 1992

We're Two Rivers bound today.  JoAnna's dad is retiring.  We have a few errands to run before hitting the road.  Andy left his jacket at Little Red Preschool yesterday.  I drop off an armload of clothes at the cleaners, where some backslapping bozo with toxic face discoloration makes a disparaging remark about my white legs.  It seems like some movement or gesture of Andy's elicited this strange comment.  I try to paste a sportin' grin across my face, but I'm sure it registered surprise and bewilderment.  Not having processed what the guy said, my brain can't prepare a comeback.

After a stop at the credit union, I suggest breakfast at Bev's Cafe on E. Washington.  Good choice, even though no tables are available.  We sit four across at the counter, and both boys handle this new eating experience very well.  I enjoy a "home-cooked" meal of two eggs over easy, American fries, and a grilled slab of ham, although the sausage patty that Andy ordered looks like the better choice.

JoAnna volunteers to drive, so I'm free to read the paper for awhile.  I note with interest the ongoing construction along 151 just east of the Interstate, a massive infrastructure project to accompany American Family's huge new development.  Between Madison and Fond du Lac, I read aloud a few chapters from Molly Ivins' latest book for JoAnna's benefit.  We also do the Times crossword puzzle together.  Andy calls Grandma and Grandpa Nelson on the car phone as we detour through Fond du Lac, where commercial establishments are mushrooming along highway 41.  As we leave the city, Andy gets a bit rambunctious, sticks his head out the window and loses his baseball cap.  At first we say, no, we're not turning around, but his pitiable crying forces a mutual change of mind.

We gather at Cindy's house in Manitowoc -- I'm surprised she bought a place on such a busy street -- where a stretch limo picks up Alice, Albert, Cindy, JoAnna, and me.  We are chuffed to Two Rivers to pick up Larry on his last day of work.  From 3 to 6, we barhop and have a great time.  I lose track of how many stops we make.  We gather for dinner at the place where JoAnna and I had our wedding reception.  I order the double haddock and what I'm served -- four deep-fried breaded fish squares -- is nowhere near what I imagined.  I have little opportunity to engage in conversation with the others at the table.  I need to keep an eye on an almost hyperactive Andy.  After an interesting stand-off, as well as some playful pushing and shoving, Andy and his new pal enjoy some over-exuberant fun together.  It's fascinating to watch two youngster become "friends" so quickly.

The four of us -- JoAnna, Andy, Eddie, and me -- walk to Grandma and Grandpa's with a stop at Dairy Queen along the way.  I order a peanut buster parfait and enjoy every sweet mouthful.  Back at the house, I weigh myself on the bathroom scale.  My eyes bug out when I see the red line bisect 210.  No wonder I'm struggling to get into some of my pants.

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