Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9, 1992

#1 grossing new movie; #15 overall.  #5,341 all-time domestic.

I take the boys to Nashotah Park in the morning.  Eddie loves going down the slide with Dad and becomes frustrated when he realizes he can't climb the steps on his own.  Although I cut into Eddie's nap time, I take the boys to buy a Mother's Day present.  At the drugstore down the street, I can't find a scent of perfume I like.  We drive downtown, find a place to park, then scope the inventory at Jansen's. We settle for an aqua cotton blazer.

I miss most of the party for Larry at the Labor Hall.  Andy and I spend some time together at the lake, throwing pebbles at the dead and dying alewives.  Then it's naptime for Eddie.  The two of us return to Grandma and Grandpa's, where I set up the playpen outside.  It takes Eddie about a half hour to fall asleep.  I sit in the late afternoon sun, sipping a martini, and reading a book by Paul Monette called Afterlife.

JoAnna and her folks have another party to attend in the evening.  I fall asleep with the boys.

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