Saturday, May 25, 2013

On This Date in 1998

Sunday remained a dreary day. Rain on and off. The gray dome stayed in place. Larry, Andy, JoAnna and I went to 10:30 mass at St. Luke’s, the church where we were married 12 years ago. The sanctuary looks much smaller now; a perception influenced by a recent remodeling project. During his homily, the priest announced a “discernment” project. Two Rivers, a community of 13,000 residents, its population stagnant and aging, has 4 Catholic churches, a dwindling membership, and not enough priests to go around. The diocese’s goal is to merge the four parishes, which of course, will bump up against individual loyalties. In a way, Two Rivers is much like Warren, a somewhat isolated town past its prime, struggling to find a new identify, hamstrung by both leaders and followers who have no vision. To be blunt, Two Rivers is worse off than Warren. There’s very little retail here, no movie theaters. People drive 10 miles to the far west side of Manitowoc to shop. Both Larry and JoAnna feel that Two Rivers’ proximity to Lake Michigan should be emphasized. Last year JoAnna and I were both impressed with the activity that took place along an extensive stretch of beach in Ludington, Michigan. Two Rivers has the same amenities. The locals just don’t know how to promote what they have.

During the afternoon, we took the boys to the Rogers Street Fishing Museum, where a double-masted (not exactly tall) ship had docked. It wasn't open for public inspection until today. We also visited the Two Rivers Historical Museum in the old Hotel Washington. The 2nd floor ballroom has been restored. The exhibits are an odd mish-mash of Two Rivers memorabilia and old stuff having no direct local connection. The museum also houses a soda fountain, as Two Rivers bills itself as the home of the ice cream sundae. 

Angela visited us during the late afternoon and evening. While the kids played downstairs, the adults played a card game called “65”.

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