Monday, September 23, 2013

On This Date in 1998

I sent you one of my regular reports just two days ago. Here I am back on the computer again, ready to transcribe the continuing saga of Life in Middleton. I thought I’d try a change of pace tonight by using different points of view, none of them my own.

If Andy wrote you a letter about what happened in his life the past two days, it might go something like this. 

After school I rode my bike to the library. I can’t go ho mater school now because I went to Meaghan’s house yesterday and didn’t let Dad know where I was. He was home from work since he had to work at the library in the evening. He called Meaghan’s house at quarter to four to find out where I was. I told him I’d be home in time to get ready for football practice, but before I knew it, the phone rang and it was Dad again. He sounded mad. He asked me if I was planning to skip practice. I just lost track of the time.

While Dad was at the reference desk this afternoon, I sat in his office and finished my math homework. I called Meaghan and she stopped by the library for awhile. She had to leave at 4 and go back home since her dad was giving her a ride to karate. I checked some books out of the library before going home. Dad didn’t make me stay there until he left. Even though I’m not supposed to, I watched TV until Dad and Eddie came home. 

Dad was cleaning the mildew off the front side of the house when I asked him if I could play outside. Meaghan came over and we played catch with the football in the street. Dad kept looking over at us, but he didn’t say anything until Meaghan missed a pass and the ball started rolling down the middle of the street just when a car started coming up the block. That’s when Dad told us to play in the neighbor’s yard. T hey have this big open space that they let us play on. We walked over to Meaghan’s house and played catch on the street in front of her house. Her street is only a block long so there aren’t as many cars on it. When it started to get dark, I saw Dad riding his bike down the streets, and I knew it was time for us to go home. Once Dad cleaned up the kitchen and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, we played State the Facts. It’s a game like Trivial Pursuit only all the questions have to do with states and cities. At 8:15, Eddie and I took a bath and then the three of us all sat in the living room and read. Mom worked late and didn’t get home until quarter to 9.

And here’s Eddie’s spin.

Dad picked me up at After School at 5:30 and as soon as I saw him I realized I was going to have to walk home. He had his brief bag slung over his shoulder. IF he had driven the car, he wouldn’t be carrying anything. It was a nice day to walk, though. I carried my jacket for awhile but asked Dad to take it when we were about halfway home. Although Dad seemed eager to start washing the outside walls of the house, he asked me what I wanted for supper. I told him pancakes even though I had them for breakfast the other day. He made the batter thick, the way I like it. I ate four big pancakes. Dad was impressed. When Meaghan came over, I went outside to play catch with her and Andy. They even let me walk with them to Meaghan’s house after Dad yelled at us not to play in the street. I was in my room for awhile when Andy and Dad started playing this board game that we played the other night, but I decided to join them since there was really nothing to do in my room. I answered a couple questions that Andy didn’t know, like Los Alamos was the place where the first atomic bomb was made. Instead of taking a shower, Andy and I took a bath, but we didn’t stay in the tub as long as we usually do. I looked at a Waldo book while Andy and Dad read. Mom came home about 15 minutes before it was time to go to bed. She tucked me in. A few minutes later, Dad turned on my light and turned off the Beatles tape I was listening to and said I had to do some homework for my special reading class. I had to read off a list of 7 words and then read 5 sentences that used these words. Dad had me do this twice, and I think he was very pleased with how well I did. He even had me spell the words without using a piece of paper, and I got every one right. Dad gave me a big hug and some words of encouragement before he turned off the light, turned on the tape player, and left the room.

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