Friday, November 15, 2013

On This Date in 1998

Another pleasant, if slightly cooler, day. Matt left around 10 o’clock as his family had tickets for the Badger women’s basketball game. Andy lounged around until a friend called about playing football, what turned out to be ten 5th graders getting together at Parisi Park. When Andy asked for a ride, I told him he could ride his bike. JoAnna immediately backed me up. Of course, he complained at first, and for awhile I thought he might get in one of his stubborn moods and say,” I’m not going.” But when I went to ask him what time he was leaving, he was already wearing his bike helmet.

JoAnna encouraged Eddie to invite a friend over, but considering his high-strung behavior during the morning, I thought it might be better if he just stayed home and took it easy. He stayed with Andy and Matt in the family room during the night, and I don’t think the boys got much more than six hours of sleep. Eddie was very “touchy” this morning, easily set off when teased or irritated. During the early afternoon, when I was outside raking leaves (for what I Hope will be the last time this year), JoAnna informed me that she was driving Eddie to Ilana’s house. Eddie attended her birthday party a few weeks ago. The two of them have become acquainted through the After School program at Elm Lawn. Ilana has never been a classmate of Eddie’s. While he was gone, Eddie received two phone calls from his old friend Joey Kracht. When it rains, it pours, as the saying goes. JoAnna and I had started to become concerned about Eddie’s lack of weekend contact with kids his own age, his attaching himself to Andy and his friends or just spending time in the family room watching TV (mostly) or rollerblading (when encouraged to go outside, weather permitting) or drawing (when we give the TV a chance to cool down.) Suddenly, he’s Mr. Popularity.

JoAnna and I experienced a very low-key day. We both read quite a bit, took a walk to return the videos we watched last night and pick up a few things at Walgreen’s, and watched the Packers thrash the Giants. We had a nice sit-down supper, something we always try to make time for on Sunday: baked chicken, (Stovetop) stuffing, the green bean casserole with cream of mushroom soup and a crunchy onion ring topping, corn, and biscuits.

Earlier this evening, I helped a reluctant Eddie with his homework. I decided that we’ll complete his math assignment tomorrow morning. He just couldn’t focus on anything. He rubbed his eyes as if sleep was about to overtake him, although now when I look at him sacked out on the couch, eating an apple, and giggling to himself, I wonder how much of that tiredness was part of his performance art. It’s shower night, and I think I probably have another fight on my hands there.

“I’ll take one in the morning,” I suspect the boys will plead. I’ll have none of it, though. I know what Monday mornings are like. Under the best conditions, there is hardly time for anything but the basic routine.

Time to urge the boys to being their bedroom preparations. Wish me luck!

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