Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weinstock Lubin Department Store, Sacramento, California (Postcard Series)

"Weinstock's was distinctly Sacramento; it was ours."  History West Press, 7/22/2012)

From an interview with Annette Kassis, author of Weinstock's: Sacramento's Finest Department Store.    My personal memories of Weinstock’s come from two very different vantage points in my life. I was one of the younger children in my family, and I remember as a little girl going to Weinstock’s with my mother to pick out Christmas gifts for my older sisters. These were simple things like stockings and handkerchiefs, but to me these were the glamorous things that meant one was “grown up".

Where not to conduct an interview.

Northern California Department Stores -- Weinstock Lubin.  (Plummer & Associates blog, 2/18/2011)

Excerpt:   I visited Weinstock Lubin & Company when I was young as I only lived 80 miles south in Modesto. Although Weinstock Lubin had an enjoyable lunch bar for kids, it was not as magnificent as the stores in San Francisco. Weinstock Lubin was a major participant in the holiday festivities and always had wonderful window displays. 

The Department Store Museum:  Weinstock's.

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