Friday, December 20, 2013

On This Date in 1998

Dear Mary and Bob,

It was my intention, if not a resolution, to attend our 30th high school reunion this year. Baseball interfered. It seems like the summer before 5th grade is when sports for kids take a big step up nowadays. Andy played on two teams this year, one in a recreational league and another for which he had to try out. The second team involved not league play but tournaments and, of course, one of them was scheduled on the last weekend of July.

I heard through the grapevine, i.e., Larry and Kim, that attendance at the reunion was below expectations. Rick Dies sent me a copy of the booklet around the time I was thinking of writing him to ask if there might be any extra copies lying around. I had an enjoyable time browsing through it and reminiscing about our classmates, some of whom had drifted out of my consciousness to the point that I could barely remember what they looked like. (Unfortunately, my yearbooks disappeared years ago.) I was surprised at what a large percentage of our classmates still live in the Warren area. How come I never run into anyone at the mall or on Liberty Street or at the Dairy Queen when I’m there?

I started to subscribe to the Warren Times Observer this year so I’ve been able to read about all the problems the library is encountering. Makes me thankful that Middleton is so supportive of its library. We actually received a 10% increase in the budget for 1999, which means more staff and Sunday hours.

We’ll be in Warren from December 26th through the 31st. Visits home are bittersweet now that Dad is debilitated by Parkinson’s Disease. His mobility is limited to the first floor of the house, and Mom serves as his nurse and caretaker. Sometimes I wonder why my brothers and sister can’t do a little more, but – hey – this is Christmas. No time for family feuds.

We need to be on the road New Year’s Day since Andy’s basketball season begins at 9 a.m. on the 2nd. Two games each weekend through the end of February. We hope to be able to tune in the Rose Bowl game on the radio. (Go Badgers!) Best wishes to you and your families!

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