Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On This Date in 1999 (January 29)

Another Friday night. They seem to come around so quickly. Andy’s at basketball practice, of course. JoAnna went to the health club, Eddie reneging on his promise to accompany Mom, much to her disappointment. In fact, she was ready to ground him, but I told her that was a little severe. Right now, Eddie’s in the kitchen watching TV and playing with the little plastic infantry and cannon pieces from our Risk board game. He has them set up in neat rows. Who knows what goes on in his head sometimes!

I left work early today as I had put in long hours on Monday and Tuesday. Since the weather was on the mild side, I decided to begin a clean-up of the garage. My first task was to put the captain’s chairs back in the van, which freed up some much needed space to park the van. I cleared off the counter along the west wall of the garage and then checked the contents of some of the boxes in which we have stored various odds and ends. JoAnna said she’d help me complete the task tomorrow. She told me late this afternoon, “I need to do something where I don’t have to think.” This week’s campaign activities have kept her very busy. She worked 15 hours on Wednesday and could have easily put in the same amount of time yesterday, but she ran out of gas after a visit to the health club.

Andy’s looking forward to the rest of the evening after basketball practice. JoAnna and I are going to the Erpenbach’s to play cards so he’ll be able to earn some money babysitting.

“How late are you going to stay out?” he asked me as soon as he learned about the card party. 

“Oh, we’ll probably be home around ten,” I replied, trying to keep a straight face.

“You can stay out later than that,” he said as he practiced his multiplication. 2 (hours) x3 ($/hr.) =$6. 3x3=$9. 3x4=$12. 3x5=$15.

Andy and I experienced a moment of role reversal. Son gives Mom and Dad permission to stay out late.

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