Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ono This Date in 1999 (February 5)

Andy played a Friday evening basketball game for a change of pace. JoAnna wasn’t able to attend the game since Eddie is sick. She got a call from Elm Lawn school around 2 o’clock this afternoon. Eddie complained about not feeling well this morning and did have sort of a phlegmy cough, I noticed, as he was getting dressed. After some breakfast, though, cereal and toast, which is more than he usually eats at this time of day, he seemed to be OK. When the school nurse took his temperature, the thermometer registered 99.7, so he was running just a slight fever. This evening Middleton traveled to Waunakee, located about 7 miles north of us.

This game was a rematch, Middleton trouncing the opposition 40-18 in their first match-up. Tonight was even more of a mismatch, despite the fact that our guys got off to their usual sluggish start. Final score: 57-23. Andy scored 6 points on three nearly identical plays where he authoritatively dribbled to the basket and shot an easy lay-up, using the backboard, as Mom is always telling him to do. Middleton’s record is now 9-1. Tomorrow they have a rematch with the only team to beat them, Sauk Prairie, who held them to a season-low 23 points. It should be an exciting game. 

Andy and I stopped at Subway on the way home. At first, I wasn’t going to order anything for myself, since there was some leftover beef stew, an outstanding concoction made with our Midwest secret ingredient, Pelligrino’s peppers, that JoAnna had prepared in the crockpot on Wednesday. Andy pointed to a larger-than-life picture of a chicken fajita sub and said, “Dad, you’d probably like that.” I caved. As soon as we returned home, JoAnna, who had spent most of the day on her fanny, went to the health club. She missed last night due to a mailing she had to get ready for today so I imagined she’ll give herself an extra push tonight. Andy is playing video hockey. With the announcers’ voices and the crowd noise, it almost sounds like the real McCoy. Eddie, who seems to be perking up a little bit, is watching the simulated hockey action while playing with some of his military toys. 

Because of this weekend’s altered basketball schedule, Sunday will be a game-free day. What will we do? It’s supposed to get warmer through next Tuesday – up into the mid-50s, so maybe we’ll tackle that garage reorganization project that we postponed last weekend. At this rate, all of our snow is going to be gone by Tuesday. We’re supposed to have an early spring since Wisconsin’s version of Punxsatawny Pete, nothing but a pretender, of course, didn’t see his shadow on Groundhog’s Day.

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