Monday, July 5, 2010

A View from the Top at Columbia Park in Fond du Lac County

Columbia Park is a 19-acre county park located on Lake Winnebago about ten miles northeast of Fond du Lac, just off U.S. highway 151.

Along with a campground and picnic facilities, the park features a 70-foot observation tower, which provides a spectacular 360-degree views of the area, including....

...a 900-foot harbor wall and space for docking boats.

...the view towards Oshkosh.

...the curve of a wind-rippled lake as it stretches south to Fond du Lac.

...Jim and Linda's Lakeview Supper Club, where JoAnna and I joined the fine views during a leisurely lunch.

...windmills along the Niagara Escarpment in Fond du Lac County.

...the boat slips.

...the park surrounding the tower.

...the vertiginous view looking straight down....

...which is why JoAnna preferred to remain on terra firma.

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