Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Day Before Thanksgiving 1980

  9:40      First consciousness.  What did I fall asleep to last night?  Camel.  Side 2 of Moonmadness.  Didn't last long.

10:00      Even though I'm ready to do a wash, I hesitate to leave yet.  Do        a little cleanup -- specifically, the kitchen floor.  On my hands and knees with a washcloth.

11:00      Barb returns from her trip to the laundromat.  Just as I figured.  Now it's my turn.

11:40      Western Car Wash on Witzel.  I'm too lazy to do it myself, altho it's the perfect fall day for such a task.  Clear skies and a temperature approaching forty degrees.

11:50      Bank, Mueller-Potter (to buy a Tribune), Park Plaza (to buy a New York Times at Paper Tiger since the first stop had sold out), post office, and the library (to call the Clem Williams film company to check on their return policy.)

12:30      Laundry time.  Read the papers to pass the time.  Cute little girl, maybe 15-18 months old, responded to the smiles I shot at her.

1:45 Bought the fixin's for potato pancakes. Made too much batter, as usual.
3:00 Tummy filled, kitchen cleaned, it's now time for smoke some drugs.

Music --

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, the Who.

A dim late afternoon light suffuses the living room

3:50 Joe Pass.

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