Friday, November 23, 2012

November 23, 1991

It only seems like I have no time to relax today since I combine my chores with a review of my record collection.  The actual vinyl, folks.  I'm attempting to eliminate my dust collectors, and during the past few days, I've found at least a dozen.  In some cases, though, I'm re-recording tunes on a fresh Maxell with a different group of accompanying tunes.

During the a.m. I drive to Sears Homelife store to pick up our back-ordered coffee table.  When I return, JoAnna informs me that she asked Barb to leave the kitchen so she and Andy could have some time alone together.  Barb spends most of the rest of the day secluded in her room.  I had noticed her intrusiveness before I left for Sears, her sitting in the kitchen as if to keep an eye on us so we wouldn't dash off somewhere without her.  JoAnna suggested we visit Dennis and Jan in Oshkosh.  Barb's reaction is positive. "I wouldn't mind visiting Oshkosh before I leave.  You'll have to let me use the van to visit Menomonie Park. All of a sudden I have even less interest in this trip.

Three weeks to go.

JoAnna and I take Andy and Eddie to the 3:30 showing of "Beauty and the Beast at Point 10 Cinema. We're in the front row, an in-your-face movie experience.  A good family outing, though.  As we are driving home, Andy talks about seeing the movie again.

While Barb still keeps to herself, the rest of us have a pizza party in the TV room.  Andy chooses to watch "Home Alone", which I'm starting to know by memory scene by scene.

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