Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thursday, February 13, 1992

I'm looking forward to the end of the day.  No more interviews and a decision made.  I spend most of the morning organizing my notes, handouts, and other materials for April's Reference Interview ETN.  I realize what a breeze this program is going to be.  Except for a couple of exercise sheets, I have all the material.  During my lunch break, I go on what amounts to a wild goose chase for JoAnna.

The afternoon starts out on a positive note.  Vincent conducts a very strong, albeit overly dramatic, storytime.  He does songs, fingerplays, and a flannelboard story.  The two books he reads are almost an aside, incidental to his otherwise supercharged performance.  Then comes the interview. Vincent holds us hostage for two hours.  I didn't we were ever going to be able to leave the conference room.  Here is a candidate who on the verge of blowing away the competition talked his way out of a job.  No way could I work with such a motormouth.

I left the library with a severe headache and drove to Kids Play to pick up the boys.  Eddie has adjusted so well to his daytime surroundings.  No more teary greetings.

While JoAnna is conducting a campaign committee meeting, Andy and I seclude ourselves in the master bedroom.  I let a couple of martinis melt away the frustrations of an uneven day.  A high point, though, is calling Eve and leaving a very enthusiastic message on her answering machine. She calls back within an hour, obviously pleased with our choice.  At bedtime, I tell Andy the story of the three bears for the 326th time and then we act goofy and giggle until JoAnna looks in on us. I keep Andy up until 10.

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