Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9, 1992

On the Thursday night TV schedule, a big favorite of Jo's in reruns

On page 2 of the Middleton Times-Tribune is an article under the headline "Richard Questions Damon's Campaign Tactics".  Dennis writes an extremely fair article, giving JoAnna's legitimate complaints priority and saving Don's babbling, indefensible defense for the last third of the article.  "Let her file it," he snarls when Dennis asks him to comment about JoAnna's threat to file a complaint to the election board.  "I don't give a shit," is what's left unsaid.  This from a guy who says that Middleton doesn't need an ethics code.

Late afternoon, JoAnna calls me to ask if I want to go to Dave C's fundraiser.  I say no, you go, and I'll pick up the kids.  I fix pork chops, potatoes, and two other vegetables for dessert.

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