Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10, 1991

I take a relaxed approach to the morning.  I decide to skip the morning session at the WAPL conferenceand just do my table talk at 1.  I stop at city hall to pick up my paycheck, and after a stop at the credit union, put on the feedback at the East Towne IHOP.  Perkins, unfortunately, was jam-packed.  No chicken scramble that my taste buds were craving.  Then I head for Oshkosh.  Oshkosh!  Hey, wait a minute.  I thought Point was the destination.  Well, it is, but I decide to pay Paul's parents a visit so I can reclaim my long-lost pack.  They're home, and we chat for about 10 minutes.  (I'm on a very tight schedule.)  When Mrs. Stearns comes downstairs with my pack, I wonder to myself why the zippers are opened and the contents look rummaged through.  I take 21 west out of Oshkosh and reminisce about trips to Redgranite and mellow summer buzzes.  Just west of Waupaca, I worry about my timely arrival.  A few miles after I turn onto 51, a mileage sign reassures me.  I have plenty of time.  The table talks are less than satisfactory, as far as I'm concerned.  Way too many participants in one case; way too few in another.  I get back to Madison in time -- just in time -- to pick up Andy.

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