Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16, 1991

It's a Happy Father's Day.  JoAnna and the boys present me with a gift and cards while I'm still lounging in bed.  We go out to Perkins for breakfast.  Andy gets to be a handful for awhile.  JoAnna and I do some gardening but not until Andy and I some basketball at the park -- "our park", as he refers to it.  We buy some more perennials at Bruce to fill in along the south side of the house.  I take out about a foot-wide length of turf and replace it with cedar bark mulch.  After a shower, I lounge on the hammock, Eddie right next to me in his playpen.  JoAnna cooks steaks with lotsa fixin's for a picnic supper.  After a call to Dad, we all walk to the park.  We tune in the Pirates-Giants game once we get home.  My back is pink and a bit sore by the time I'm ready to fall asleep.

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