Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 1991

JoAnna is able to get Andy out of bed early enough so that I don't have to drive him to daycare.  I take care of a number of continuing education teaching activities that I have been regularly postponing:  reviewing the final batch of ETN assignments and composing the brochure copy for the Nuts & Bolts workshop.  Otherwise...phbbt!  Andy and I go shopping.  I buy him a couple of pairs of shorts at Kohl's and replenish by beer supply at Apollo.  I promise him dinner at McDonald's, but he will not settle for drive-through.  After Andy eats his cheeseburger, he wants to hit the play area.  He can't understand why he has to take his shoes off, so we leave.  JoAnna is home when we return.  A surprise.  I water the garden , play catch with Andy in the driveway (his ability to field high pop-ups is amazing),

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