Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14, 1991

A Ben Franklin kind of day.  It's early to rise so Andy and I can get JoAnna to the airport in time for her flight to O'Hare.  There's a big problem, though:  pea-soup fog.  It gets worse as we travel east to the airport.  Andy wants to see JoAnna's plane take off, but I tell him it'll be too long of a wait.  I'm so concerned about my wife's travel itinerary that I call United's 800 number to find out what her alternatives are.  I learn that there are three other directs from O'Hare to San Diego.  She'll get there long before dark.

After an interesting Area Leaders meeting -- why did Liz get married if she hates kids so much? -- I take an early departure  which is not as early as planned.  Eddie accompanies me to pick up Andy.

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