Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Warren Pennsylvania Walk, July 25 2010

Conewango Creek from the Third Avenue Bridge

The Siggins-Smith House
315 Liberty Street

The William Brown-Yerg House
318 Liberty Street

The Mansion House
Fourth Avenue

Apartment house next to the Mansion House

Warren County Courthouse

Warren County Courthouse

Northeast corner of Fourth & Market

Women's Club of Warren

The Former Physicians' Building

First Presbyterian Church

From whence I came.

The former Baptist Temple

First Methodist Church

100 Block of Second Avenue

Corner of East Street and Second Avenue

East Street between Second Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue West

Second Avenue between East and Water streets

The former St. Paul's Lutheran Church (now a private residence)

Beaty Middle School

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Anonymous said...

These are beautieful, could you post pics of the Beaty Mansion across from the Playground, and maybe a pic from 11 Wilson Street, it was a pre-fab that my Grandfather ordered and put together from the Sears and Roebuck Catalog over 70-80 years ago