Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 10, 1991

JoAnna and I shared a conversation about religion a week ago.  She confesses a need to go to church; I'm still at the opposite end of the religious spectrum.  Attending church is a chore.  In the meantime, what do we do about the boys.  To this point, nothing.

Barb continues to be as intrusive as ever.  This morning she briefly joins us for a pancake breakfast.  Once again she has made no plans to escape the confines of the house, outside of a walk around the immediate neighborhood.

As we are driving to the Square, JoAnna and I comment on the fact that Barb has never gone to the Capitol during her visit here, never walked State Street, never explored the variety of what Madison has to offer.

It's an insinuatingly cold day for a parade.  A determined snowfall sends Eddie and I back to the van after about 2/3s of the parade has passed.  It's nice to return to the comfort of our home.  While JoAnna shops for boots for the boys and the boys nap, I start supper:  fried chicken, noodles, green beans.  A great meal, the first time I've used Bisquick to coat the chicken.

By the time JoAnna and I have some time to spend together, I crash big time.  Nothing rouses me out of an immediate deep sleep.

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