Friday, November 9, 2012

November 9, 1991

Barb is up surprisingly early.  The reason is obvious.  She's made an appointment to have her hair done.  The rest of us to out to Perkins for breakfast.  Eddie is an absolute angel.  He chows down on pancakes and sits in his high chair looking cute.

Later in the morning JoAnna has a meeting with Dick Wagner, and Barb spends about an hour in front of the bathroom mirror redoing her hair.  Why does she have this obsession with her appearance?  She never goes anywhere.  Besides herself, who is she trying to look good for?

I do the laundry, clean out and reorganize the bathroom closet (once that room is free), and transport the rotting pumpkins on the front stoop to the compost pile in the back yard.

We have company for supper:  Larry and Martha and Michael, Chris and Diane.   We play the 60s version of Trivial Pursuit and call it an evening shortly after 9.  Not that many years ago, I'd just be warning up to a night of sheepshead, which would probably go to 1 or 2 or sometimes 3 a.m.  There's a one-word explanation for the major lifestyle change:  parenthood.

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