Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8, 1991

The Nissan is due for a tune-up, brake job, new tires, so the first order of the day is to take it to Dunn's.  

I spend most of the day at the reference desk, expecting a busy day with students out of school, but the rush never materializes.

A lotta stuff didn't materialize this week.

Sharon gives me a ride to Dunn's, and with 45 minute remaining to the daycare pickup deadline, the car is not ready.  The mechanic finishes up what he can and then I begin my race against time and greet Andy with no time to spare.

After supper, Andy and I go grocery shopping.  We also make a visit to Kohl's so I can buy a replacement stash of blank tapes.  Andy disappears into the toy section and has to be coerced into the front of the store.

Andy joint his mom and dad in bed for awhile.  JoAnna suggests that he go to bed but that's not what he wants to hear.  I tell him "When I was a little boy, I could always stay up later on the weekend."  Andy immediately relays this observation to his mom.

"He said I could stay up longer."

Andy can be such a charmer.

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