Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 1991

I drive the van to Russ Darrow as it's tune-up time.  Instead of waiting for JoAnna and Andy to pick me up there, I decided a little exercise won't hurt me, so I begin to walk back to Middleton.  Opposite Memorial High School, I see the car approach and wave my arms frantically just in case she's too focused on the road.

Advisory is scheduled to meet at Middleton and the expected confrontation over public-performance videos never happens.  Barb Huntington's feelers must be mangled.  In the meantime, Sharon wastes no time, preparing a one-page justification of this format, and I waste a lot of mental energy rehearsing nasty tirades.

I take the afternoon off and walk through a mini-blizzard to pick up the van.  The dueling Derek & the Dominoes/Allman Brother Band tape keeps me trucking.

Due to the weather, it's a quiet evening at the library.  I pack up six boxes of various reference materials for tomorrow's workshop and start to worry about the drive.

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